MLM Software Development Services

MLM Software Development Services

Multi-Level Marketing is a promotional scheme in which a salesperson receives a commission on his or her own sales and a smaller commission on sales from each person that he or she convinces to become a salesperson.
MLM (Network Marketing) is one of the strongest business model to achieve high sales volume through members. There are different types of MLM plans in the world as per business model and revenue generation. Referral marketing is an overwhelming business model to get more sales through people to people mouth publicity. Our software developers are able to build the best MLM strategy according to your business model. We will deliver the best compensation plan software to our multinational customers. At RnR Techvibes, we provide end-to-end services for the development of MLM software with higher stability, maximum security, Responsive mobile friendly design and compensation plan calculation guarantee.



Effective account management is really important for any organization, particularly for the Network Marketing Company. MLM Software helps you to manage all the records of members, transactions, expenditures and more.


MLM Software would provide pre-built multiple compensation plans for Multi-Level Organisations that include plans such as; Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Unilevel Plan, Board Plan and Gift Plan. You can select any of these plans; you can also build your own personalized MLM plan.


MLM Software works as a monitoring tool that keeps all the records. It is the most accurate marketing software to manage company records. It helps to track the number of members, the different forms of sales reports, income, analytical and pictorial representation in the organizational system of the MLM members.


MLM Software offers a highly protected environment as it retains all transaction history right from the start date. It also prevents the loss of important data.


MLM Software has the potential to provide a seamless and scalable inventory management system to MLM companies. Much like the accounts, proper inventory control may be deemed helpful to the effective management of the business.


Any accurate MLM Software must provide complete detail about the goods and services provided by the organization. It allows businesses to stay up-to-date with their goods on a regular basis, which are very important particularly in the retail and wholesale industries.


MLM Software should have a simple integration process and must be compliant with any third-party software.

Types Of MLM Software provided by RnR Techvibes:

Binary MLM Software:

The Binary MLM Plan is one of the most popular and most used plan in the direct selling industry. Binary is a method where the participant hires 2 referrals in their team and the pyramid structure is working in infinite depth. We have a different binary MLM compensation plan for our customers with all the new functionality and services. It contains Member panel login, website front design, and Super Admin panel dashboard for all reports. Generally, Binary plans operate with e-pin joining and direct sponsor joining system. Auto payout Management is one of the highlighted features of the binary compensation plan software.

Matrix MLM Software:

Matrix plan is a type of 3×7, 4×9, 5×9, …, NxN pyramid structure. This plan is beneficial for multiple incomes such as direct sponsor income + matching income + level income. Matrix MLM Compensation Plan, downline tree or structure are handled at set height and width such as (3X3 Forced Matrix) one member under 3. This plan is often referred to as Pyramid Ladder or Forced Fixed Level Depth width matrix Plan in network marketing industry. If you want to 5X5 Matrix, your First level has 5 members and increase member level or stage by stage rank advancement.

Single Leg MLM Software:

The Single Leg MLM plan is often referred to as the monoline or linear MLM plan. It is quite popular day by day with the help of auto filling work. There is no limit to join members and no dedicated leg for any members. So it works with sponsors only but we can set levels in Single Leg MLM plan. This plan has no limits and no endpoint, and each member will make big profits from this plan. Single Leg Plan is working on the first come and first earn concept so member will always try to join in earlier stage. Every associate or affiliate shall receive their commission on the basis of down line genealogy and some direct level consideration.

UniLevel Plan MLM Software:

Unilevel MLM plan is infinite width plan, Member can hire unlimited member at front level. There is no set limit genealogy at the front level so distributor can join leaders in first level. Unilevel MLM plan is simple, and everyone can create their own team leader and get high commission at any level. It is more complicated than other MLM plans because it has no width limit, so the calculation of unilevel MLM software is very difficult. If you have good enough team leaders and MLM leaders on your network, the Network Marketing Business will be booming. Get the newest Unilevel MLM plan for you from Mysphere WEB DEVELOPER.

Re-purchase Plan MLM Software:

Repurchase MLM plan is design for get more and more sales through existing customers of any business. It is really worth when you have routine use products for sale through network marketing. We are developing repurchase MLM plan software based on the PV BV model. It is working with PV BV MLM plan model. This plan is focused on profit sharing for the repurchase of products or services, through compensation. It helps to improve sales and attract customer satisfaction by supplying them with a strong revenue from product repurchase. We recommended this plan to that companies who are involving in product selling with chain marketing.

Board Plan MLM Software:

Board MLM plan is design for limited members with matrix cycle and revolving matrix. Member of this plan are limited and it is set by Operation Company. Number of members are fix in each board. When fixed number of members join the board it will automatic split in 2 sub boards or get another level genealogy. This process continuous till all the stage level positions on the board are filled and after over exceed stage limit , it is spill over next level and cycle level completed. In Network marketing it is also known as revolving matrix cycle plan.

Helping/Gift Plan MLM Software:

Nowadays Helping plan MLM software is quite popular in the network marketing industry. All wants to be part of this plan because it is very simple and there is no risk. Helping MLM plan strategy is a way to help others and others help you. There are multiple ways and time period for GH and PH. It is totally risk free MLM plan so no need to worry about fraud with Helping MLM plan.

Investment Plan MLM Software:

Investment mlm plan is one of the most effective and easy-growing non-working and daily ROI plan. Investment plan usually operates on the basis of invested money and the company returns fixed amount of money on a daily or weekly basis. Majority MLM members are familiar with the Daily ROI, Weekly ROI plan so they can quickly understand any Investment MLM plan. We offer best plans for investment MLM software with latest features and advance technology of software in India.

Crypto Currency MLM Software:

Crypto currency is become popular day by day for online transactions and online services worldwide. Bitcoin is one of the most adorable crypto currency that deals with block chain technology. We have best Crypto Currency MLM plans for ICO (initial coin offering), crypto coin solution, bitcoin API solution and coin registration process in exchange. We help to create the right Crypto Currency MLM plan for our customers. There is a number of crypto exchange markets where it can be registered with live API transactions and trading prices worldwide.


  • Online Registration with sponsor code
  • Product Master
  • TDS Management
  • Service Charge Management
  • Income Management
  • Generate Invoice
  • E-pin Generation and transfer
  • Automatic Payout Generation
  • Withdraw Management
  • KYC Management
  • Income analysis
  • Repurchasing
  • All MIS Reports
  • Bank/Third Party Payment Gateway Integration
  • Email & SMS / Email Alerts
  • Support Ticketing System

WHY CHOOSE RnR Techvibes?

Kindly review the followings and take your own decision why choose Mysphere Infotech to develop and design MLM software for your MLM business:


Our collective setup and business model make it possible to keep our pricing surprisingly affordable and cost-effective to maintain the quality of MLM Software. Mysphere Infotech provides affordable pricing MLM Software and service to our customers.


Long running MLM business Companies needs continuous software and IT support from the development team. We always connected with our clients and provide 24×7 MLM software support and services.


The team at RnR Techvibes has years of expertise in the development of MLM Software and MLM tools. We want to ensure that our clients have the highest quality MLM Software and MLM tools that allow you to operate your MLM business smoothly.


RnR Techvibes often motivates the team to adopt new technologies and organizes staff training whenever possible. We also have a team of promoters who have habits to do research and development so that we can provide our clients with the latest MLM Tech solution.


RnR Techvibes wishes to inform you of the consistency of MLM Software, MLM tools and services, because we believe that the success of our clients is our success. For your wonderful MLM Compensation Plan, MLM business and to fulfill your MLM Business dream, let’s give us an opportunity to support and improve better MLM Software.

As a prominent name for MLM software Development Company in Surat, Vadodara – India, we provide all type of customization in running MLM plan. Our software developer and market analysis team continuous work to provide better and latest features direct selling software to our clients in Surat, Vadodara – India. If you have any idea to startup a network marketing company or business just share it with us and get a best price estimate for any MLM software development. Our depth knowledge and 12+ years’ experience can design any type of complex plan and provide comprehensive solution for running a smooth business of network marketing in Surat, Vadodara – India.

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