Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

Custom software applications can represent a better choice than the standard solutions, the so-called off-the-shelf software (which is designed for all). On other side, bespoke software is unique and specially developed for you. We offer bespoke software solutions that are customised to the exact requirements of your company.

You can fully integrate the software / system into your processes, with the exact features you need and working exactly as you want. We built bespoke software using multi-tier architectures scalable solutions and is designed with the long-term IT plans of your company.

At Mysphere Infotech we include all types of activities related to software development solutions, so we can match specific need of customer for custom software development projects.

To get a better idea before deciding to invest in bespoke software development, let's see what the top advantages are:

Scalability and flexibility

Bespoke software solutions adapt to the growth of your business. It can easily handle process changes, increased workloads and additional integrations. The software’s flexibility allows your business to grow as per your business’ needs and objectives.


Initial cost of software development is higher than off-the-shelf software but with the time it will be less expensive as we don’t have to spend for licensing, upgrade and subscription. In off-the-shelf solutions costs for setup, customization and support are not included but when they are added the cost increases.

Complete ownership

Getting your own software differentiates your business and gives you complete control over your developed solution. It’s yours and you decide how and where it is implemented, as you have full rights over it. You can use it for as many employees as you need, and you don’t need to worry about additional costs or upgrades. You can also decide if it needs additional features or customizations as per you need.

Fast integration

Deciding to develop a solution that suits your business needs helps you to make all the required integrations from the start, according to the existing hardware and systems currently used by your company. There’s no restriction to what you might do on your own software.


Security is important aspect of bespoke software development. Since you are the only one to use the software, and you have complete control over it, a hacker attack is less likely to occur. A hacker attack is common with off-the-shelf software where hackers can exploit well-known issues and vulnerabilities easier. A tailor-made application that is only used internally, cuts down the risk of attacks.


As a software owner, you have complete control over the solution you have developed. Depending on your business’ growth or clients’ requirements, you can easily introduce new improvements and added features. Also, having complete control over your software solution it is you who can solve any issues that may arise and you don’t need to depend on external help.


You have a strategic edge by creating a custom software that perfectly fits the needs and requirements of your company, because you are the only one who will benefit from the solution developed. By offering a distinct and a higher quality product dedicated solely to your business you can easily distinguish yourself from your rivals.


Investing in the development of custom software is an wise business strategy, as it is a great long-term investment, both for your business and for your company’s future. Choose a company who will help you during the production of your software project and you can achieve a solution that suits your needs beautifully and works in the interests of your business goals.

What is Software Development Life Cycle

By definition, SDLC is a procedure performed in software development firms that helps them improve their workflow and thereby create high quality solutions. The methodology works by removing the typical pitfalls and guiding the development team, resulting in lowering the cost of production while shortening the development time.


There are numerous software development models, with the most popular being the Waterfall model, the Spiral model and the Agile model. Each process model follows a specific approach to ensure a successful delivery of the product. The approaches differ, however, there are certain phases all of the models include. Basic steps which help software development companies to achieve success are:


It is the very first step when you inquire for a consultation with a professional software development company. In this initial process, several meetings are held to collect all of the requirements for the development firm. It is an opportunity for the experts to know what the expectations are, what targets you want to accomplish with the software, who should use it and why, and how you expect the system to work. That way you and the software development company can get a sense if you can be a good match.

By understanding your goals, a software development company can select the best strategy to help them effectively execute the project with minimum risks. It is also the stage where it is possible to predict the initial costs and time.


Once the requirements have been gathered, the development company can begin analysing them to create a strong foundation for the product. For this reason, the second stage is possibly the most critical phase of the entire process. A careful analysis is necessary for the development company to meet all of your needs. The organisation translates your goals into their plan so that the two visions can meet.

All your requests need to be documented and approved by both sides before proceeding to the next step. This is done through a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document, on which the product development will be based. This way you can be sure that no misunderstandings will occur.


Once the development company knows what they are about to create, they need to decide how to do it. Each software solution requires a different approach; hence the third phase is dedicated to designing your system’s architecture. The development company bases the internal design of all product modules on the SRS document. Budget and time constraints, design modularity, and risk assessment are the most important parameters to be considered, as developers want to make sure your solution is solid.

The external design may be created during this stage as well. Depending on the complexity of your software requirements, it may be easier for your company to understand how the solution will work if you are provided with mock-up screens and interfaces by the development company. Basic demos will explain how the user can access the software.


This phase is definitely the longest since the actual product is finally being built. Developers start coding the solution, carefully following the Software Requirement Specification document, as well as the guidelines for internal design. If the previous phases have been followed with a close attention to details, coding should be accomplished without any further problems.

Each development team approaches this stage from a different perspective, based upon the software development model. Many companies follow the Agile methodology, meaning they hold brief, iterative meetings called daily Scrum meetings during which each team member reports any problems and progress on their tasks. This approach increases their efficiency and workflow.


Once the solution is developed, it is reviewed for any flaws and defects before it is ready to be released. During this phase, test engineers manually or automatically perform various forms of functional and non-functional testing. The most important features that have to be checked are the core application functions, text input, installation on localized machines, as well as aspects that are not related to any specific function such as scalability and security. If any bugs are detected, they will be fixed and tested again. The process lasts until the quality of your solution meets the original requirements.

What is very important is that you and your team also test the software. The development company provides you with a beta test environment to ensure that you understand the solution and you are comfortable with the way it works. They are waiting to hear your input because they are ready to fix any problem you have.


Your system is ready to be released, after successful testing. But calling the job finished is a mistake. This is the time to familiarize yourself and your actual users with the system. Once you start using it, you may encounter many unexpected problems. Depending on the level of their priority, they may be fixed right away or gathered together and improved later.

Maintenance is a great advantage of bespoke software solutions since the development company takes care of your system not only during the development phase but also after the release. They ensure your product works smoothly.

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