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App & Web Analytics

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App and web analytics provide detailed real-time information on user behavior and events related to the business. Analytics is a business function which cannot be neglected as it serves key information about the user journey. The data which is analysed is presented in the form of reports and metrics such as user engagement, retention, uninstalls, revenues, and more. It presents a clear picture for comparison with the market and industry trends and gives an in-depth insight to the user behaviour. Businesses can take advantage of these reports to optimize their online performance and develop future strategies.

At RnR Techvibes, we provide robust business analytics service to assist you in understanding and analyzing market data to make better decisions. We use innovative techniques to track and analyse the user journey on the web and mobile selling channels in a reliable manner. From this study, we gather information that is rich and important to help us tweak the business strategies to optimize traffic, interaction and conversions. Our app and web analytics consultants serve data usability and enable you to take advantage of unmatched business growth opportunities. We grasp the analytical insights to help businesses to enhance their performance and achieve their objectives.


  • App and Web analytics help drive ROI over every aspect of performance.
  • App and Web analytics help you to gather accurate data to better serve your customers.
  • App and Web analytics allow you to drive personalized, customer-focused marketing.
  • App and Web analytics let you track individual and group achievements of marketing goals from campaigns.
  • App and Web analytics offer data-driven insights into issues concerning churn and retention.

Here Is All That We Deliver As Part Of Our Services

Data Collection

Data is the key feature of business intelligence as all the key decisions are based on it. The process begins with collecting relevant user data, with metrics like history, preferences, demographics, etc being gathered. At Mysphere Infotech, we collect the entire user data from all existing sources such as websites and mobile applications and then group the information together to make it usable for further processing.

Information Audit

Because data is collected from various sources, this can be massive and some of it might be redundant. Our web and app analytics consultants perform an extensive information audit to filter the usable data and discard the irrelevant information. We divide the data to measure only those metrics that are vital for business decisions. Our job is to investigate the opportunities that lie hidden in the huge data bank that we collect.

Analytics Implementation

The actual web and app analysis process is implemented once the data is bifurcated and converted into usable information. As a trusted Digital Analytics Company, we process and analyze data so that we can know more about the key metrics and patterns such as user engagement, conversion, retention, app uninstalls, and more, on the app as well as the website. Our experts assist you in transforming raw data into useful, actionable information.


Reporting plays vital role in the analytics process as it actually presents information in the operational form. We offer informative and understandable custom reports on timely basis, to the clients so that they can take relevant business decisions. We also provide Google Analytics Consulting services to help you interpret these reports and act on the information they give.


RnR Techvibes is a reliable digital partner that serves you with extensive expertise in web and app analytics consulting services. We bring the most advanced analytics solutions in the user understandable form that drive impactful business decisions.

  • We serve you with tailor-made solutions that are created with in-depth understanding of the client requirement
  • We have records for hundreds of success stories from clients across diverse industry verticals in our book.
  • We have a team of certified Google Analytics-certified experts who turn simple market metrics into powerful decision parameters
  • We offer instant and accurate answers with automated insights.
  • We serve reliable data related to every user’s mobile and web journey which helps you to understand your product and business in better way.
  • At RnR Techvibes, we offer simple, scalable, and cost-effective analytics solutions that deliver a high ROI


  • Measuring metrics like traffic, views, searches, and trends to facilitate marketing research.
  • Studying the bounce rate to understand the possible reasons for the same.
  • Navigation and keyword analysis to work on giving an enhanced user experience.
  • Using the data to optimize the performance of the mobile app or website.

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