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Email Marketing

We Provide Seamless Email Marketing Support For Your Business

Even SEO and SEM make up the most critical elements of a digital strategy, the best way to communicate with customers is still to send direct mails to them. Therefore, email marketing remains an important part of an effective online marketing campaign for every business. These emails may contain promotional advertisements, product launches, discount deals and more. A business can advertise its products and increase its customer base by sending personalized or group emails to existing and potential customers. An email campaign will unleash endless opportunities for a company and turn it into a brand.

RnR Techvibes is a renowned digital marketing agency offering a variety of services including email advertising and marketing. As a goal-oriented agency, we ensure that the emails we create are capable of engaging consumers and driving them to complete the conversion. We help companies develop a niche online by creating email campaigns that will improve their customer relationships. Our campaigns are designed to ensure that the right content is served at the right time to the right customer, in order to have a positive effect on them. Provide our professional email marketing services to speed up your sales cycle and communicate with your customers.



The email marketing costs can be significantly lower than many other forms of marketing. There is no cost of advertising, printing, or media space.


You can use email marketing to hit large audiences or smaller targeted lists.


If you have a new offer people will follow your call-to-action instantly by clicking on the links. Email marketing is also successful at all levels of the buying process. You may, for example, encourage someone to pick your product, build the post-transaction customer relationship and also promote future purchases.


By automation, you can trigger emails to be sent to your customers based on the action they have taken on your website. – eg. Send a welcome e-mail when a user signs up to your website or sends an e-mail offering a discount incentive when a user abandons an online shopping cart. Once you have developed a template you can reuse for numerous email campaigns.


You can connect to the customers in real time through email marketing. You can meet the right audience, at the right time , in the right place and with the right deal using automatic triggers such as website activity, recent purchase or shopping cart abandonment.


By using web analytics tools, you can measure the effectiveness of a campaign. You can easily test various copies, subject lines and designs to see which ones are most effective. This helps the optimisation of future campaigns.


Your mailing list will consist of individuals who have actively chosen to accept your email messages. Customers who have a genuine interest in your products and/or services are more likely to get involved with your business.

Our Email Marketing Services Encompass The Following:

Audience Research

Having relevant information about the target audience is the cornerstone of a successful campaign. Audience research helps you to consider leading factors, such as the mail recipient’s interests, perceptions and attitude. We build appropriate email signup forms to retrieve all the research information needed. At the same time, we make sure not to ask too much, as it may drive the user away.

Campaign Design

A structured and convincing design of emails ensures campaign success. Our experts develop tailor-made campaigns with their unmatched skills and experience that catch the attention of the recipients. We are creating compelling and meaningful CTAs which have the power to push the recipients to take the desired action. We design emails to focus on your objectives, whether it targets new audience or retargets existing ones.

Email Optimization

It’s not enough to build engaging emails, they have to be designed to offer an excellent user experience. We use smart resources like user profile, analytics, and segmentation to make sure the customer gets the mails that meet their unique needs. Our campaigns undergo extensive A / B testing in order to maximise the click-through and open rates. We use best email practises to generate ones that are perfectly tailored to your audience.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an important component of an email campaign, as it allows a business to establish a strong customer relationship. We use effective automation tools to deliver emails at the right time to the right customers. The automated mails may relate to personalised greetings, reminders of membership renewal, product recommendations, reminders of cart abandonment, etc.

Analysis And Reporting

Periodic analysis of a campaign’s performance is a must for assessing the value it delivers. At Mysphere Infotech we analyse the results of the campaign thoroughly in order to learn everything about the user metrics. In addition, our experts offer their insight as reports on the performance of the campaign as well as suggest the improvements that can be made in it.


RnR Techvibes is a leading name for offering the best email marketing service in Vadodara, India. We deliver end-to-end solutions which are reliable, cost-effective and suitable for a variety of businesses.

  • We understand that every customer has specific needs and develops tailored solutions that meet these requirements
  • Our marketing team of experts has many years of experience, along with hundreds of successful campaigns
  • We can be trusted to build appropriate, customised emails which are always delivered at the right time
  • We focus on the latest and most effective tools and techniques that will help you expand your business area.
  • We are also seen as trusted digital partners at Mysphere Infotech, as we provide support to our customers round the clock.
  • We follow best practises to serve our customers with ideal solutions.
  • We offer flexible plans which are cost-effective and promise customers high ROI

Your company will take full advantage of the email marketing with our email marketing service. Save time (and your company resources) by allowing our dedicated specialists to create, design, launch and manage your company’s personalised email marketing strategy.

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